Certificate Training Programmes

Certificate in Capacity Building for Livestock Technology Enterprises

Livestock husbandry is mostly a marginal, mixed backyard enterprise with low capital infusion and credit flow as compared to other segments of agriculture especially crop husbandry. Despite technology in breeding, investment in broiler and egg layer poultry and livestock husbandry , there are critical gaps in converting those investments into high concentrated medium enterprise level productivity at scale so that the state can be at least partly self-sufficient in food. The increased pace of urbanization, pressure on land, nutritional pressure, insufficient capacity building and poor outreach are persistent problems in the faster adoption of the enterprise model for livestock enterprises resulting in faulty managerial practices and resultant losses resulting in farmer exit. Giving real power and autonomy to the citizens, at the grass root, can be achieved easily in the state of Kerala by the integrated livestock empowering by this course.

Minimum SSC or equivalent

Duration : Three months

No. of seats : 25 to 100 students in a teleclass (number of such teleclasses would be decided by the University)

Fee : Rs. 4500/- per candidate


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