Certificate Training Programmes

Certificate Course in Wildlife Management

With increasing human and animal population, man-animal interactions are increasing in and around forest regions. These interactions result in morbidity in wild animals and birds which have to be attended by veterinarians with the help of personnel working in the Forest Department. Always, the first humans to interact with these sick animals and birds are the latter. However, the field level staff of the Forest Department are inexperienced in the special requirements while handling wildlife. Often wild animals are handled the same way as domestic animals. Also, the field level staff of the Forest Department, the public and media people who live or work in the vicinity of wildlife also are not generally aware of the etiquette to be maintained while dealing with crisis situations involving wildlife. COVAS, Pookode, located in the forest rich district of Wayanad, is already experienced with the handling, care, feeding and management of injured/sick wildlife and orphaned wild animals and birds. The institute is the best place to develop as a centre for training people working with wildlife in the care and management of such animals. A certificate programme of short duration imparting training in these aspects to people living or working in close proximity to wildlife is the need of the day for their welfare as well as that of wildlife.
Field level forest department personnel (may be on deputation), zoo keepers, members of government approved vanasamrakshana samitis and eco-development committees and any other person interested in working with wildlife

Duration : Two weeks

No. of seats : 20

Total fee/Course : Rs. 15,000/-


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