The Directorate of Entrepreneurship headed by the Director (Entrepreneurship) has Publications, Training and Entrepreneurship as three major divisions. The Head (Publications) and Head (Trainings) take care of the activities of the two concerned divisions. One Assistant Professor, one Assistant Registrar, two Office Assistants and two Class IV employees constitute the rest of the faculty. The Directorate focuses on innovation systems approach which emphasizes the need to nurture the demand for knowledge and technologies among a range of actors, including farmers, researchers, extension officers, veterinarians, dairy technologists, policymakers, private-sector companies, entrepreneurs, livestock-agro processors, nongovernmental agencies, and other intermediary organizations, and to encourage them to demand relevant knowledge. The Directorate plays a wider role by developing human and social capital, enhancing skills and knowledge for production and processing, facilitating access to markets and trade, organizing farmers and producer groups, and working with farmers towards sustainable natural resource management practices. The farmers’ access to sources of reliable and relevant information which has become increasingly important mainly on most appropriate     technologies    and    their management, diverse farm system and collective farming options, access to credit and loans, market prospects, sustainable natural resource management etc are dealt by the Entrepreneurship division of KVASU. As part of our research themes, we develop, facilitate and conduct applied research as well as foster programmes and promote communication that enhances the income of the farm sector. As part of knowledge dissemination farm journalism, media production and production of publications are given adequate attention while formulating the programmes.
The Directorate of Entrepreneurship initiated various outreach activities, entrepreneurial approaches and innovative models of extension through effective institutional linkages at the State level benefiting farmers and entrepreneurs. Several activities in this regard has been undertaken which includes different innovative models of extension and are briefed below.
1.       The Commodity interest Group training (CIG) model envisaged by the Directorate in 14 districts of Kerala has brought out a model to group the entrepreneurs in each district who are interested to run a business through a specific livestock commodity. Commodity Interest Groups trainings, the six days entrepreneurial training programme envisaged by the Directorate at different locations throughout the state has brought out a model to group the entrepreneurs in each district who are interested to run a business through a specific livestock commodity. The groups are trained on farming, marketing and organizational set up including value addition and machinery, budgeting and record keeping and other entrepreneurial capacity building. About 20 CIG trainings have been conducted throughout the State and the project as part of the Plan fund of Govt. of Kerala, could reach about 650 farmers state wide through these CIG trainings. NABARD has also extended financial assistance in the project.
The Farmer-Scientist Interaction model in the 14 districts of the State serves as platform for the farmers to interact directly with the scientists and experts in the field. The participation of elected representatives (like Panchayat President\MLA etc) in the interactions has proven effective in direct understanding of the issues faced by farmers and helping in identifying “researchable” and “information- transfer” issues. Over 25 farmer-scientist interaction meetings were convened in different districts of Kerala benefitting 1500 farmers statewide. The programme Statewide is conducted as part of productivity enhancement with support of Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development Department and other Public Sector Undertakings in Kerala.
KVASU-ATMA extension delivery mode is a State level linkage initiated by the Directorate of Entrepreneurship in which KVASU directly supports the livestock dominant districts of ATMA, based on needs of the districts (eg. Wayanad, Idukki, Trivandrum). As a part of the Innovation Incubation project, KVASU works directly with ATMA efforts at District level. University experts in Technical Committee meetings support the newsletter “Samethi” and monthly workshops of ATMA. KVASU identified technologies (ideas, practices, knowledge) are extended to the field, working in line with ATMA in these districts. eg. Handholding support for the Nature fresh milk marketing, propagation of Athulya egg layers, establishing mini hatcheries), and helps in technology identification and refinement.
The Kudumbashree initiative put forward by the Directorate, on technology identification, market support and training is a state level model, and approved by the Academic Council of KVASU. The collaboration opens up the entrepreneurial form of extension that will benefit the Women self help groups. In addition to meeting the pluralistic skill requirement (like cage making for women to house different tiers of cages for poultry- vertical expansion of farming) of Kudumbashree, the KVASU is committed as a partner in fulfilling the objective of self sufficiency of eggs in the State through Kudumbashree. 
One Health initiative. KVASU-Health Department collaboration on ONE Health is one of the most welcomed project undertaken by the Directorate of Entrepreneurship. In line with the One health concept of WHO and FAO, KVASU has initiated the establishment of the first centre of One health in Wayanad in collaboration with Department of Health, Department of Food safety, Wayanad Institute of Medical Sciences. This centre plays an important role in addressing food safety issues in addition to control of emerging diseases, which are of zoonotic importance. The centre highlights the concept of co-existence through collaboration.
The Directorate of Entrepreneurship of KVASU launched new diploma programme for members of Women Self Help groups like Kudumbashree in technology-enabled mode on integrated farming. Women with a pass in 10th standard are eligible to apply. The diploma holders could assist/help in the advisory services related to agriculture, livestock and fisheries at village level.
Centre for Livestock Policy, Development and Research was established under KVASU. This initiative opens up a new model on influencing policy on the pressing problems faced by farmers and entrepreneurs and gives directions for a pro farmer approach in decision-making. The veracity of two axis policy of milk pricing and the tax burdens faced by poultry farmers are two issues that are recently undertaken by the CLPR.
The Centre at present has four ongoing Research Projects funded by the Government of Kerala.
1.       An Analysis of Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Statistics & Production, Estimates of milk, meat, egg and other livestock products of Kerala and its comparison with the national data. (Funded by the State Planning Board, Government of Kerala).
2.       Study of Population Dynamics and Sustainability of Livestock Sector with respect to different Agro - Climatic Zones in Kerala. (Funded by the State Planning Board, Government of Kerala)
3.       Study on the Recent Trends and Patterns in Cattle Holdings in Kerala. (Funded by the State Planning Board, Government of Kerala)
4.       The Present Status, Coordination and Control of Zoonotic Diseases in Kerala with special reference to Rabies (Funded by the State Planning Board, Government of Kerala)
The web portal on Malayalam kasavu is an exclusive site for the farmers, which provides answers to issues that rise through this medium. The portal gives information on articles related to animal husbandry, details of important trainings under the University. The website has provision for online registration of farmers who wish to attend the trainings.
The role of Directorate in KVASU-Doordarsan initiative has brought out a series of video programmes on “Productivity enhancement in livestock-the efforts of KVASU” telecasted through Doordarshan . The programme ‘Ulpadanakshamathayude Kannappurangal’ of the Directorate is another video serial telecasted through Doordarsan.
The idea of constituting a statewide network of farmers by identifying innovative farmers from each district and constituting a group initialized through the ‘Kasavukoottam’ programme taken up by the Directorate of Entrepreneurship. As an initial step, Kasavukootam of Wayanad district was constituted.
Two-level farmers’ training programme The Directorate has initiated training for farmers/ entrepreneurs who plan to start a farm like dairy, goat, poultry and pig. This is done at two levels. Level 1: Registration fee is Rs. 300 per farmer; One day visit which include knowledge kit, visit to various farms and facilities of the campus. Level 2: Registration fee is Rs. 1000 per farmer; three-day training programme where the registered farmers are provided specific commodity based training.
The Directorate takes a lead role in conducting various other activities like Farmer Investors Meet, Farmer trainings, Trainers trainings etc. with the Animal Husbandry Department, Dairy Development Department, Kerala Poultry development Corporation of the Government of Kerala.
1)                   Food Security and Animal Husbandry (`£ykpc£bpw arKkwc£Whpw )
2)                    Scientific Cattle Rearing (]ip hfÀ¯Â )
3)                   Knowledge and Experience on Goat Rearing (BSphfÀ¯Â )
4)                  Farming Methods in Animal Husbandry-Production and Marketing             (arKkwc£W ^man§v coXnIÄ )
5)                   Poultry Rearing- an income source (hfÀ¯p]£nIÄ )
6)                   Animal Husbandry- Lessons for high productivity (arKkwc£Ww )
7)                   Concentrate feeding for high productivity (kaoIrXImen¯oä )
8)                   Backyard layer farming (ap«t¡mgnIÄ apä¯pw a«p¸mhnepw )
9)                   Pig farming (]¶nhfÀ¯Â )
10)               Ducks (XmdmhmWv Xmcw )
11)               Sustainable Livestock Production –SHGs and Entrepreneurships (kpØnc arKkwc£Ww)
12)               Hatchery – Innovative entrepreneurship (lm¨dn )
13)               Dairy Sector- Unforeseen productivity avenues (£octaJe )
14)               Ostrich rearing (H«I]£nIÄ )
15)               Quails- for economic security (ImShfÀ¯Â )
16)               Rabbit rearing- for meat and income (apbÂhfÀ¯Â )
17)               Global food security and future livestock farms
18)               How to succeed?
19)               Wings: Directory on Overseas education
Periodicals, books and software released
Farm Journal ‘Niravu’ and 10 new publications of KVASU was released by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala Sri.Oommen Chandy, during the inaugural session of the Kerala Science Congress held at KVASU campus, Pookode, Wayanad. Ksheeraprabha software developed by KVASU and KSCSTE was released during the function 28th Jan
A study on the entrepreneurs in one’s locality assigned to the final year B.V.Sc. & AH students by the Directorate of Entrepreneurship as part of internship training brought out a directory of about 200 entrepreneurs all over Kerala. The abstract of the entrepreneurship details submitted by the students in booklet form titled “The Glimpses of Livestock Entrepreneurs of Kerala” is available at the Directorate, which would serve as a quick reference material.
The Directorate of Entrepreneurship has designed and released an innovative exhibition kit under the Mobile Exhibition Unit through the plan fund of the Kerala Government. The Mobile Exhibition Unit to a great extent lessens the burden of carrying heavy display boards and other paraphernalia, that too, many in number. The Unit consist of a light-weight, collapsible frame on to which the already designed and printed, attractive information about KVASU can be magnetically fixed. The frames comes in two sizes: 3m x 3m and 2m x 3m, and they can be arranged and exhibited within the space (like 3m x 3m ; 4m x 4m or larger dimensions) provided by the organizers. The exhibition unit can be assembled and set ready at any location by a single individual within 10 minutes. These have attractive illumination support also. Five units (in English and Malayalam) have been designed with attractive illuminative support. The general themes are around the academic developments, institutions of the University, Entrepreneurship activities, farms, services and facilities of the University. Mobile Exhibition Units are available at the Directorate of Entrepreneurship at Pookode and in Camp office at Mannuthy.
Technology enabled Distance Learning Programme
Inauguration of the Technology Enabled Distance learning programmes Viz; Post Graduate Diploma in Livestock Agri Entrepreneurship and Food Security Management and Farm Journalism was held on 27th January 2014 at KVASU Pookode Campus. Orientation programme for the students registered for the course was held on the same day.
1.       Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University participated in South India's largest education fair-Horizon 2013 organised by Malayala Manorama at St.Marys School Auditorium, Trivandrum from 26th to 28th April 2013. More tham 90 educational institutions participated in the edufair.
2.       KVASU participated in an agricultural Exhibition- Vithumaholsavam (Seed Fest) from 19.04.2013 to 23.04.2013 organised by Kerala Agricultural Development Society (KADS) at Thodupuzha, Idukki district. The exhibition was organised to familiarise progressive farmers and public to all types of seeds, planting materials, livestock and scientific management practices in agriculture and animal husbandry. The KVASU exhibition stall was widely received by the public as indicated by the large number of queries on Vechur cows, Aishwarya Poultry Project, piglets, rabbits, goats, meat and dairy products, Thumburmuzhy Aerobic Compost and fodder planting materials etc.
3.       Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University participated in the Education fair-Edupath 2013 organised by Mathrubhumi at Town Hall, Kochi from 4th to 6th May 2013. Thirty educational institutions participated in the fair.
4.       The Directorate of Entrepreneurship organized an exhibition and book fair as part of the 26th Kerala science Congress held at Pookode campus during 28th to 30th December 2014. The publications of KVASU and reputed publishers and distributors were exhibited.
Seminars/ workshops/ Conferences
1.       International Conference on Problem based learning (PBL) approach held at Kochi from 26th to 27th April 2013-KVASU signed MOU with University of Edinburgh. As a part of the collaborative programme, KVASU would facilitate the implementation of problem based learning in the country; one of the initial ventures in Animal Husbandry sector.
2.       Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University hosted a Workshop on “GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE FARMING SYSTEMS” at University campus, Pookode, Wayanad District, Kerala on 28th and 29th of May 2013 with the co-operation of WORLD UNIVERSITIES NETWORK (WUN). WUN Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) is a conglomeration of 19 research-intensive institutions spanning 6 continents. Its mission is to be one of the leading international Higher Education network, collaborating to accelerate the creation of knowledge and to develop leaders who will be prepared to address the significant challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing world.
3.       Orientation workshop programme for newly recruited Assistant Professors was held at Pookode campus from 4th to 7th February 2014.
4.       The 6th International Vedic Workshop held at Kozhikode district from 7th to 10th january 2014. The workshop dealt with topics on the Vedic texts, rituals, Vedic traditions of India and west.
5.       A Workshop on Household Food Security for Kerala The workshop was held on 7th December, 2013 at the Government Guest House at Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram and was organized jointly by Centre for Livestock Development and Policy Research (CLPR), a centre under the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University along with the Directorate of Academic and Research. The workshop discussed the availability, access and nutritional aspects of food security with particular reference to Kerala.
TANTOR- The cartoon workshop
The cartoon workshop ‘TANTOR’ was an exclusive event organized by the Directorate of Entrepreneurship on 9th ,10th ,11th February at Pookode campus, which showcased around 20 eminent cartoonists all over Kerala. It was inaugurated by Dr M.K.Muneer, Hon Minister for Panchayats and Social Justice. The workshop served as an ideal platform for the school students in Wayanad and the staff and students of KVASU to explore their talents and interact with the cartoonists. “The Cartoon Workshop-a memorabilia” is available for reference in the Directorate.
1.      Training programme on Developing Resource Pool on Entrepreneurial Advisory Services on Livestock Farming for the State was held at Veterinary College auditorium, Mannuthy on 12th June 2013. 21 Veterinarians from Animal Husbandry Department and KVASU faculty participated in the training.
2.      Two day workshop on “Pre-employment testing tips” was organised jointly by College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy and the Directorate of Entrepreneurship for M.S/M.Sc./M.V.Sc and Diploma students on September 27th ans 28th 2013.
First Extension Council meeting held at CVAS, Pookode
First Extension Council meeting of Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University was held at College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences , Pookode on 29th July 2013. Vice Chancellor KVASU Dr.B.Ashok IAS chaired the meeting. Dr.K.Udayavarman, Additional Director, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dr.Anandakuttan Unnithan of IIM, Kozhikkode, Dr.Noushad Ali, MD, KSPDC, Dr.Ranjan S Karippai (KAU), Sri. Prakash (Asst Director, Dairy Development Department),Deans from CVAS Mannuthy and Pookode and Farmer representatives attended the meeting. Director of Entrepreneurship Dr.S.Ramkumar presented the report on the activities of the University. Registrar Dr.K.P.Sreekumar welcomed the delegates. Dr.Deepa Ananth proposed vote of thanks. Meeting discussed in detail the strategies and programmes to be adopted for strengthening livestock based extension systems in the state.
Noon meal programme
The Noon-meal programme of KVASU was inaugurated by Shri.P.Gagarin, President, Vythiri Grama Panchyat of Wayanad district, at the Taluk Headquarters Hospital, Vythiri. He lauded the efforts of the employees of the University for sympathizing with the social cause of the needy in-patients of Vythiri taluk hospital who are mostly from economically weaker section of the society.
KVASU took up Mass FMD vaccination programme to contain the outbreak
As a consequence of the sudden outbreak of FMD in the state, an intensive drive to contain the disease and prevent it was taken up by Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University along with the department of Animal Husbandry, Govt of Kerala and Dairy Development Department. The students and faculty of KVASU assisted and supported the doctors of Animal Husbandry department in the mass campaign programme on 20 December 2013 at Wayanad. About 700 animals in 300 households were vaccinated as part of the programme.

KVASU's first field level Entrepreneurship and Clinical Service Centre started functioning in Wayanad district from 1st October 2011 onwards. Sri. M.V.Sreyamskumar MLA inaugurated the Entrepreneurship and Clinical service centre of Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University at 'Ksheerabhavan' of Meenangadi Milk Co-operative Society, Meenangadi, Wayanad on 1st October 2011. Sri. I.C.Balakrishnan MLA presided over the function.

4 projects shortlisted for the joint venture pargramme of KVASU
 As a part of the entrepreneurship development programme KVASU had invited joint entrepreneurial ventures with various institutions in area of knowledge dissemination, developing entrepreneurial programmes andfarmer education. In this context expression of interest was invited regarding partnership in starting community colleges, technical degree/diploma courses, innovative institutions, Krishi vigyan Kendras, research projects, in various dailies, KVASU website and by personal invitation of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor to all panchayat-block-district governing bodies. There was excellent response from public . The review committee consisting of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Director of Research and DE for the Collaborative Ventures on Extension and Entrepreneurial aspects with the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University on 18th May 2012. Four institutions have been shortlisted for further evaluation and assessment for future collaboration.

Two day District level Animal Husbandry investor's meet was held at Koothuparamba, Kannur District from 5th to 6th February 2012. It was organised by Department of Animal Husbandry in association with Directorate of Entrepreneurship of KVASU. Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Sri.K.P.Mohanan inaugurated the District level investors meet classes.Around 100 farmers involved in Dairying, Piggery, Poultry and Rabbitry took classes in the seminar.



Farm day of Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University was celebrated at KVASU, Pookode Campus, Wayanad on 23rd February 2012. Director of Entrepreneurship Dr.S.Ramkumar inaugurated the Farm day. Dean Dr. Leo Joseph, Professor & Head of Farms, CVAS,Pookode, Dr.Joseph Mathew , Block Panchayat President Sri. Salim Memana, Grama Panchayat President Sri Gagarin and District Animal Husbandry Officer Dr.Ravikumar were the dignitaries who attended the inaugural function. 100 farmers participated in the Farm day celebrations.


The Directorate of entrepreneurship had organized one day workshop on detailing and finalization of training module for the skill development training for youth at dairy training centre Alathur, on 2nd of March 2012. Dr.T.P. Sethumadhavan and Dr. Deepa Ananth had attended the workshop. Dr.Deepa Ananth had presented a session on ‘Economic feeding of cattle based on digestive physiology’.

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