This journal was first published in 1970 as The Kerala Journal of Veterinary Science by the Director of Animal Husbandry, Kerala as the official publication of the Kerala Veterinary Research Council. The journal was renamed in 1990 as the Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. From 1972 till 2007, it was published by Kerala Agricultural University and thereafter it is being published by Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University.

PERIODICITY: Bi annual-two issues a year.

Year and Place of Publication: Latest Volume of the Journal - Volume 47- Issue 2  was published in 2018. Published by the Director of Academics and Research for and on behalf of the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Pookode, Wayanad, Kerala and printed at EBENEZER PRINTERS,THRISSUR.

EDITOR : Dr. T.V. ARAVINDAKSHAN, Director, Centre for Advanced Studies in Animal Genetic and Breeding.


    Professor & Head, Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Ethics and Jurisprudence
  2. Dr. M. SHYNU
    Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry
    Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Histology

Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences is a half yearly publication of the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) devoted to the publication of original research papers on various aspects of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and clinical articles which are of interest to research workers and practitioners engaged in livestock and poultry production. Research papers on wild life, laboratory animals and environmental problems affecting livestock production; short communications of importance in Veterinary and Animal Sciences area also accepted. The editorial board look forward to continual support and co operation from all well wishers in future for a promising and prospective venture. From 2013 onwards, the editorial board has decided to publish articles in respect of Dairy Science and other related sciences.

Focus Theme : Focus on Veterinary/Animal/Dairy/related sciences

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Inland: Other Agencies Rs. 400/-
Foreign US $ 75
Price per issue: Inland: KVASU staff/ A.H. Dept: Rs. 100/-
Inland: Other Agencies Rs. 200/-
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The Editor ,
Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences,
College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences,
Mannuthy - 680651,
Thrissur, Kerala, India
Phone: +91-487-2370344 ext.228; 334
Mob: +91 9447418800
Fax No: +91 487 2370344
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TYPE OF ARTICLES: Review article, Research article, Clinical article and Short Communication

Procedure for sending articles:

Original research papers, clinical articles and short communications are accepted for publication. Papers are accepted for publication on the understanding that they have neither been published nor are being considered for publication elsewhere. The concurrence of all authors in the prescribed format given below for publication of the article is necessary. The papers on completed original research must be concise and not exceeding ten typed pages. The bulk of paper should record the actual work done by the authors.

Two copies of the article (one copy with the author details for office file and the other without any author details for sending to referee) should be sent to the Editor. The copies of the article should be typewritten in Times New Roman font (double space) on one side of A4 bond paper with margin of three cm on left hand side. After making corrections according to referee’s comments, a hard copy and a soft copy (CD) of the manuscript should be submitted along with referee corrected copy. Final correction of the article should be strictly in accordance with the revisions suggested by the referee. Authors are not permitted to do any major additions or deletions in the article after the referee correction.

The format for paper should be title, author(s), abstract (about 250 words), keywords, a short running title, introduction (without heading), materials and methods, results and discussion, acknowledgement if any and references. The results and discussion should be combined to avoid repetition. The abstract and key words must be in italics.

The article should be headed with the full title, initials and surnames of all authors and the name and address of the institution where the work was carried out. Serial titles are not acceptable. Each author should be superscribed with numbers which should be explained as a foot note at the end of first page itself in italics. Phone number and email id of corresponding author are to be given.

Authors are requested to expand each scientific abbreviation at its first occurrence in the text. Eg.Complement Fixation Test (CFT). The abbreviation presented in "System internationale" for Units and Symbols should be adopted.

All the references cited in the text of article should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order with the name of all authors followed by their initials. The author(s) name, the year of publication, title of the article, name of the journal (abbreviation of journal in italics), volume number in bold type and page numbers should be included in the form. Abbreviation for the title of the journal should be in accordance with the

"World list of scientific periodicals".

Eg 1.  Journal Article:
Shameem, H., Subramanian, H., Devada, K. and Lucy Sabu. 2010. Anticoccidial effect of certain herbal formulations in chicken coccidiosis. J. Vet. Parasitol. 24: 79-81.
2. Textbook:
Dyce, K. M., Sack, W. O. and Wensing, C. J. G. 1996. Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy. (2nd Ed.). W. B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia, 856p.

3. Proceedings paper:
Jayant, G., Peethambaran, P. A., Jalaludeen, A., Narayanankutty, K. and Ally, K. Ulilization of dried cuttle fish (Sepia officialis) waste silage in layer duck ration. In: Jalaludeen, A (ed.), Proceedings of IV World Waterfowl Conference;11th to 13th November, 2009, Mannuhty.Kerala Agricultural University, Centre for Advanced Studeis in Poultry Science, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and World’s Poultry Science Association (India Branch). pp. 198-200.

4. Conference abstract:
Shiju, S., Ramani, C., Rao, G. D. and Kannan, T. A. 2012. Traumatic ocular proptosis in pug and its management [abstract]. In: Compendium, National Symposium on Advances in Applied Anatomy of Domestic and Wild Animals- an Interdisciplinary Approach for Animal Health and Wealth; 28th to 30th November, 2012, Mannuthy. Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. P. 17. Abstract No.3.7.

Tables should be typed at appropriate place in the text with only essential data. The size of the table and graphs as far as possible should be adjusted for double column printing. The illustration/photographs should be on separate sheets. Each should bear the author's name and figure number in pencil on the back. Photograph should be unmounted glossy prints suitable for reproduction. Colour illustrations are accepted. Captions and legends should be typed separately from the illustrations and numbered.

Short communications should not exceed a maximum of three typed pages. They may have summary and reference, but no other division. It should contain minimum tables or figures.

Papers will be subjected to editorial revision that may be dictated by the general rules governing the presentation in the journal. The Editorial board retains the right to accept the papers and no reason will be given in case of non-acceptance of articles.

A processing fee of Rs.200/-(Rupees: Two hundred only) within India, US$10/- abroad) and a publication charge (Rs.1000/-within India, US$100/- abroad) should be remitted as demand draft addressed to Editor, Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, payable at SBT, Ollukkara, Thrissur District.

All correspondences pertaining to the journal should be addressed to the Editor, Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences. Mannuthy, Thrissur- 680 651, Kerala, India. You can reach the editor at Permanent address, Phone number and email id of corresponding author are to be mentioned in the covering letter. Article reference number provided in the acknowledgement should be quoted in all correspondences pertaining to the article.

Size (Journal) - DEMI ¼ size (130 GSM & 300 GSM Cover)
Circulation: 1600 copies
No. of contributors in the last three issues - Information attached.

Prescribed format for author declaration certificate



Title of the article:


Certified that the above paper is based on original research work done by us and due credit has been given to all authors and that this has not been published nor is being considered for publication in any other journal.


Sl. No

Name and Address of Authors with E mail ID and Phone No
















Dr. T.V. Aravindakshan



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