Blue Cross Society of Thrissur

Blue Cross Society of Thrissur was registered as a charitable body in June,2001 according to Travancore – Cochin Literary,Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act of 1955 ( Act 12 of 1955). The initiatives were taken by the staffs and students of veterinary college ,mannuthy and all who are directly or indirectly associated with animal welfare activities.

Our field of activity is focussed in and around thrissur.

Some of the activities during last year include :

  • Maintenance of an animal rescue shelter
  • Caring of abandoned animals and orphaned puppies and kittens
  • Few rescue operations undertaken by BCST volunteers.
    • Rescue and rehabilitation of some wild birds and animals that came through like that of Flying squirrel, Palm civet ,Mottled wood owl, Brown fish owl ,Barn owl,Collared scops owl,Night heron,House swift, White cheeked barbet.These activities are handled in conjuncture with nearby forest department and finally released to the wild.
    • Rescued stray dogs that were automobile hit and fallen into pits .
  •  Veterinary facility from the hospital nearby and systematic follow up by BCST volunteers.
  • Promoting adoption of animals in the shelter through media.During last year we could get our 10 dogs, 6 puppies,2 cats and 3 kittens adopted.
  • ABC programmes could be carried out.
  • Annual antirabies vaccination of the animals in the shelter and campus.
  • Create awareness among the public and those who contact us through official BCST mobile no.9349977774
  • Conducts seminars on subjects regarding animal welfare like the one conducted during July,2009 on “ Laminitis and hoof management in dairy animals ’’Annual convention is due on Feb.6th,2010
  • Honours students involved in the animal welfare activities in annual conventions.
  • Publications in animal welfare field – already started Journal of Animal Welfare and Production.
  • Celebation of Wildlife Week,World Rabies Day etc.

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