Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Laboratory Techniques

Laboratory technology is concerned with the diagnosis of diseases through the use of clinical laboratory tests. A qualified laboratory technician plays a vital role in collecting the information needed, sampling, testing, reporting and documentation of these investigations. The results determine the presence, extent or absence of disease and provide data needed to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. In the light of emerging and re-emerging diseases in animals and human beings along with the zoonotic and vector borne nature of many pathogens, an increasing demand for timely and accurate disease diagnosis is the need of the hour. There exist a wide gap between the growing need and existing facility in this field both in terms of quality and quantity. Therefore a key focus should be placed on providing technically competent personnel in the area of laboratory technology useful for animal/human laboratory analysis. In order to obtain reliable and accurate results for laboratory tests, a sound theoretical knowledge and good practical skill on laboratory techniques is inevitable. The course will be a collaborative effort of three major disciplines like Parasitology, Pathology and Public health. It will comprise of elaborate theory classes, hands on practical and demonstration classes on collection, preservation and dispatch of clinical samples, handling of microscopes and other equipments, preparation of glassware/media, assistance to postmortem examination, detection of pathogens, analysis of blood and urine, examination procedures of clinical samples, preparation of reagents and solutions. Moreover the use of advanced disease diagnostic equipments necessitates a familiarity in proper handling and care.

The Diploma course in laboratory techniques also intends to impart advanced skills to mould practicing laboratory professionals to excel in quality
disease diagnosis to serve as an integral part of country’s health care system.

Pass in Plus Two or VHSc with Biology as one of the subject

Duration : Two semesters

No. of Seats : 30

Fee : Rs. 15,000/- per semester


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