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KVASU faculties and post-graduate student of department of veterinary anatomy & histology, bags National Awards.

Posted on Jan 08 2018

In the XXXII Annual Convention of Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists & National Symposium on “Advances and applications of veterinary anatomy in livestock, pet, poultry, lab animal and wildlife-health and production" held at Department of Anatomy and Histology, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, OUAT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, from 21st-23rd December, 2017, KVASU faculty and student received following awards.

Dr. Indu V Raj, Assistant Professor, received the Dr C. Vijayaragavan memorial silver jubilee medal and award for the best paper in "Developmental Anatomy" for the research paper entitled “Histogenesis of lymphoid tissue in large intestine of goat foetus’’ authored by Indu V. R., Lucy K. M., Ashok N., Maya S. and Chungath J.J.

Dr. C.V. Rajani, Assistant Professor, received the Late Shri L.O. Dhande Memorial Award for the Best Paper in "Forensic Anatomy and Archeological Study” for the research paper entitled ‘Morphology of skin of leopard and chital as a tool in forensic anatomy’’ authored by C.V. Rajani, M.W. Helna, K.P. Surjith, H.S. Patki, Ajith J.G. and N. Ashok.

Dr. Sumena K.B., Assistant Professor, received the Dr. Md. Hafeezuddin silver jubilee medal and award for the best paper in "Anatomy of Wild and Zoo Animals” for the research paper entitled ‘Comparative studies on keel bones of purple heron and duck’ authored by Sumena K.B., Lucy K. M., Ashok N., K. V. Syam, Maya S., Indu V. R., Sreeranjini A.R. and Sunilkumar N.S.

Dr. P. Sridevi, M.V.Sc. student, received the Dr. A. K. Srivastava Award for “Biotechnology including Stem Cell Technology” for the research paper entitled ‘Temporal analysis of Alpha-fetoprotein expression in lier of Beltsville Small White turkey ’ authored by P. Sridevi, A. R. Sreeranjini, G. Radhika, K.M. Lucy, N. Ashok, B. Anu, A. Karthikeyan and M.V. Silpa.

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