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Livestock Waste Management of Thumburmuzhy Model creats National attention

Posted on Jun 20 2012

            Thumburmuzhy Model aerobic composting technique developed by Dr Francis Xavier atThumburmuzhy Cattle breeding Farm is a farmer friendly cost effective and eco friendly livestock Waste management system imbibed into the Kerala Agro ecozone.This rural technology is a recommended model by the UNDP Climate change community among the four ideal rural technology for farmers of India.The composting Technology,the ideal fero-cement Bin and the microbial Consortium developed are the major achievements.Cattle Breeding Farm, Thumburmuzhy has modified aerobic compost unit with a different layering system to handle livestock waste, farm waste and dead animal parts which are otherwise wasted. We have designed a cost effective, rural system for livestock farm. Waste management is a big problem in most of the farms and hence the waste can be effectively converted into valuable manure. The NPK value of “Thumburmuzhy model compost” is N.1.57%, P-0.049%, K-0.73%. Thumburmuzhy compost model; since it is cost effective can be replicated in rural areas to handle organic waste. In 90 days time the first crop of manure gets ready. Moreover, livestock farm waste is a rich source of Nitrogen. Research in other places has shown that TBC and coliforn count in aerobic compost is minimal. Hence, under public health angle this has to be encouraged.

               Many Farmers in Kerala adopt the ecofriendly and easy Waste management technique of our university.This youtube link is an event associated with the completion of Livestock waste composting using Thumburmuzhy model of our University at Peyad Trivandrum. Times of India Mumbai and Bangalore editions on 30th Cariied a write up on the Thumburmuzhy composting sucess story in farmers field.It is requested that this may be brought to the attention of all in our University as this is a commendable contribution by our University.



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