College of Dairy Sciences & Technology , Pookode


Department Profile

The Dairy Technology department focuses on imparting research based technical knowledge and proficiency relating to the production, processing, storage and handling of milk and milk products. A special emphasize has been given to development of novel dairy products. Standardization of manufacturing process of regional dairy products for their economic marketing is yet another area of interest in this discipline.


  • Conducting undergraduate dairy technology courses
  • Provide scientific know how pertaining to every aspect dairy product development and standardization and constant updation of the same.
  • Organizing trainings to students, farmers, entrepreneurs and researchers.
  • Facilitate research projects to promote technological advancements
  • Offer assistance to dairy personnels in improvising manufacturing process so as to effectively utilize the available raw materials and increase profit margin.



The department lab has all the equipments and facilities essential for conducting practical sessions for the B.Tech students and to carry out R&D activities concerned with this course.

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