College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , Pookode


Extension Services

  • Routine monitoring of physical, chemical and microbiological quality of drinking water for the
  • Radio talks and TV programmes on Zoonoses , Food hygiene, Meat hygiene
  • Educative campaigns on zoonoses and personal hygiene for school children
  • Exhibition on food safety and zoonoses for public and school children
  • Public health related Quiz programme for school children
  • Public awareness programmes including symposium, workshops, trainings on zoonoses, food safety, quality control and environmental hygiene.
  • Epidemiological surveys on various zoonotic diseases
  • Survey on environmental issues and recommendations for the development of control measures
  • Continuing Veterinary Education programme for officers of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Govt of Kerala
  • Exposure to students of medical colleges of Kerala on VPH programmes and activities.
    Facilities available for farmers as well as technical hands:
  • Microbiological testing of food, air, feed samples, etc.
  • Chemical and bacteriological testing of water
  • Technical advice on clean production practices of livestock products for farmers
  • Advices on treatment of water for the public
  • Quality management training for MBA programme.
  • Research guidance for students from other universities.



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