College of Dairy Science and Technology , Thiruvananthapuram


Department Profile

This department spearheads Kerala’s only under-graduate professional programme in Dairy Technology and provides elite ‘human resource’ for various managerial positions in dairy industry in the country and abroad. The department has made significant contributions to the development of technological know-how for the dairy/food processing industry. The major areas of research include development of ready- to- use dairy foods, development and standardization of conventional milk based products in Kerala, developing new packaging technologies for extended and long life milk and milk products, development of functional dairy foods, fusion of modern technologies in the processing of value added traditional milk products for minimizing processing cost, energy management etc.


  • Conduct undergraduate courses in Dairy Technology to meet the manpower needs for technologists and researchers in the growing Indian dairy industry
  • Organize training programmes for dairy plant personnel, academicians, researchers, small entrepreneurs, farmers and others in field of dairy processing
  • Provide R&D support to the dairy industry for new product and process development.
  • Assist the Nation’s dairy industry with technological support for problem-solving for greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Render service to dairy industry through its Consultancy Cell

Dairy Technology Lab
The laboratory houses sufficient facilities for conducting the practical sessions of Dairy Technology courses for B.Tech (Dairy Science & Technology) students.

Smt. Beena R. L., Assistant Professor and Head (i/c)

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