College of Dairy Science and Technology , Thiruvananthapuram


Department Profile

The industry expects Dairy Technologists to be innovative, multi-skilled personnel with the requisite confidence, work culture and initiative level. They should possess interpersonal, communication, analytical, problem solving and business skills. This statutory department has the sole responsibility of transforming Dairy Technology graduates into true professionals/ successful entrepreneurs and above all good human beings. The mandate of this department is to conduct fundamental and applied research in pertinent areas of Business Management, Social Sciences and Information Technology applications in dairy/food processing industry. The department emphasizes on the application of management principles in dairy/food business. It aims at bringing out the entrepreneurial talents of students and encouraging their team building initiatives. The department offers several courses on Management, Statistics, Accountancy, Economics and Information Technology for the students of the college. The students undergoing Experiential learning programme are guided on business management aspects by faculty members of this department. The department also undertakes training programmes in Management Development, Statistical Software Packages and Computer applications for Dairy Industry, Soft skill development for students etc.

Computer Lab
Information Technology being an important factor in imparting quality education, college provides a user friendly computer lab with internet access. The lab is equipped with advanced i4 processor systems (20 nos.) to which students, researchers, faculty and other staff members have access. It helps the college to perform all its functions and equip the students to become IT savvy and truly global competitors. Internet facility is also made available at the Computer lab for the benefit of the student community. Regular training programmes on IT related topics are also arranged at the Computer Lab.

Mr. G. R. Jayadevan, Assistant Professor and Head (i/c)

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