Verghese Kurien Institute of Dairy and Food Technology , Mannuthy


Department Profile

The University dairy plant was commissioned in 1993. It is a student experimental dairy processing unit where graduate and post graduate academic programs of dairy and veterinary faculties are supported. It is established with the prime intension of providing practical training in the area of milk processing and preparation of various milk products.  Practical classes for the various Dairy Technology and Dairy Engineering courses are conducted here.  Moreover research work is carried out by post graduate students from other universities. Dairy plant is offering different training programs like stipendiary training, sponsored training and hands on trainings. Consultancy is offered to entrepreneurs in different aspects of dairy processing. Large number of visitors especially school children are exposed to different technical activities. Plant is equipped with facilities for pasteurization and hygienic packing of milk and for the production of various milk products.  The dairy plant also undertakes short term training courses and extension activities.

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