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DEPARTMENT: Veterinary Biochemistry

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Dr. Lijo John Dr. Lijo John
Designation: - Assistant Professor
Address: - Department of Veterinary Biochemistry, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Pookode, Wayanad-673576
Mobile No: - 9446626554
Email ID: - lijo@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

MVSc, Ph.D.,


  • Best paper award, Interleukin-7 induces memory B and T cell responses in mice, Second annual convention and national symposium, Society of veterinary biochemists and biotechnologists of India, 2nd-3rd June,2017
  • PK PANI research award for the best article in the field of poultry genetics and breeding in 2012



  •  Refresher course- ICAR sponsored winter school on “Application of reverse genetics and transcription profiling in molecular pathogenesis of viral diseases with special reference to avian viruses” 2018
  • Orientation course- MHRD sponsored Induction programme at Teaching Learning centre, Dept. of Education, University of Calicut, 2018



  • N. Vijay, J. Lijo, S. Barathiraja, P. A. V. Gangadhara, H. J. Dechamma & G.R. Reddy (2019): Expression of bovine interleukin 15 in Pichia pastoris and study on its biological activity: a T-cell activator, Animal Biotechnology, DOI: 10.1080/10495398.2019.1604381
  • Riya B., Rathish R.L., Deepa P.M., John L., Janus A. and Vijayakumar K. 2019. Clinical manifestation in cats with feline panleukopenia. J. Vet. Anim. Sci. 51(1): 97-100
  • Malangmei L.,, AjithKumar K.G., Nandini A., Bora A. F., Amrutha B. M., Kurbet P.S., Pradeep R.K., M.Nimisha M., Varghese A., Deepa C.K., John L. and Ravindran R. 2019. Screening of Domestic Cats for the Presence of Haemotropic Mycoplasma spp. Infection in Wayanad District, Kerala. Indian J Nat Sci. 9 (55): 17594- 97
  • Nayana M.P., Azeez C.PA., Promod K., Chacko L. and John L. 2019 Characteristics of oestrus and conception rate in postpartum dairy cows induced ovulation by using 3000 iu of hcg in 5-day and 7-day cidr-based oestrus synchronisation protocols. J. Vet. Anim. Sci.51(1): 19-24.
  • A.Nandini, Anju Varghese, C. Angeline Felicia Bora, Lanchalung Malangmei, C. K. Deepa, K. G.Ajith Kumar, Reghu Ravindran, A. Muhasin Asaf, Lijo John, Prashant S. Kurbet, B. M. Amrutha, R. K. Pradeep and M. Nimisha. 2019. Expression of Recombinant Toxocara canis Excretory Secretory Antigen (Tes-26) In Escherichia coli. Indian J Nat Sci. 10 (57): 17930- 17934



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