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Dr. Surej Joseph Bunglavan Dr. Surej Joseph Bunglavan
Designation: - Assistant Professor
Address: - Department of Animal Nutrition, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Pookode, Wayanad 673576
Mobile No: - 9526862274
Email ID: - surej.joseph@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

BVSc. & AH, COVAS Mannuthy, Kerala Agricultural Unversity, Kerala 

MVSc. Animal Nutrition, Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Ph.D. Animal Nutrition, ICAR- Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izzatnagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Area of Research

Ruminant Nutrition, In vitro gas Production Technique, Artificial  Rumen Simulation Technique (RUSITEC), Herbal Extraction technique,  Nutritive analysis of  feed and fodder, Digestion & Metabolic trails in farm animals and laboratory animals,  Mineral & Vitamin Nutrition, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy,  Nanobiotechnology, Laboratory Animal Nutrition, Least cost Feed formulation, Dairy cattle and buffaloes farm management, Fodder propagation & management, Farm consultancy services

Work Experience

Senior Research Fellow, ICAR-NAIP Network Project, Dept. of Animal Nutrition, Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS, Chennai, Tamil Nadu from 14-10-2009 to 20-8-2010

Veterinary Surgeon (Regular), AHD Kerala from 28-11-2010 to 10-03-2015

Assistant Professor (on Deputation), Base farm Kolahalamedu, KVASU Idukki Kerala from 23-12-2013 to 10-03-2015

Assistant Professor (Regular), Dept. of Animal Nutrition, CVAS Mannuthy, KVASU Kerala from 11-03-2015 to 31-05-2018

Assistant Professor (On working arrangement), SANFT, Mannuthy, KVASU, Kerala from 11-05-2015 to 13-02-2016

Assistant Professor (On working arrangement), ULF & FRDS Mannuthy, KVASU, Kerala from 14-02-2016 to 31-05-2018

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Animal Nutrition, CVAS Pookode, KVASU, Wayanad, Kerala from 01-06-2018 to current (2019-)



  1.     Chancellor of TANUVAS Dr. M. Channa Reddy Gold Medal for the best M.V.Sc. student in the subject of Animal Nutrition, TANUVAS 2009.

2.  Dr. Sivaramakrishnien Ramachandran and Dr. Sakkubai Paturi Ramachandran Gold Medal for the best and outstanding boy student in MV.Sc. programme in TANUVAS 2009.

3. Dr. A. L. Mudaliar Gold Medal for the highest OGPA/marks in the M.V.Sc. courses, TANUVAS, 2009.

  4. TANUVAS Alumni Association Gold Medal for the best M.V.Sc. student,  TANUVAS, 2009.

  5. ICAR- Senior Research Fellowship (SRF AIR 01) 2011 for pursuing Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition.

6. ICAR- Junior Research Fellowship (JRF AIR 29) 2007 for pursuing M.V.Sc. in Animal Nutrition.

7. Certificate of qualification of National Eligibility Test (for Lecturer/Assistant Professor) by ASRB-ICAR 2011.

8. Awarded Early Career Researcher Fellowship at School of Veterinary Sciences, Langford, University of Bristol 2015-16

9. Awarded First prize in World Veterinary Day 2011 Quiz Competition, IVRI-ICAR.

10. Awarded Second prize in World Veterinary Day 2012 Quiz Competition, IVRI-ICAR.

11. Awarded Second prize in World Veterinary Day 2013 Quiz Competition, IVRI-ICAR.

12. Awarded First prize in XXVII KAU Inter College Arts Festival General Quiz Competition, 2005-06.

13. Awarded First prize in XXVIII KAU Inter College Arts Festival General Quiz Competition, 2006-07.

14. Awarded First prize in   Inter College General Quiz Competition , Central Library, KAU, 2005.

15. Awarded First prize in General Quiz competition Aarshiya 2008 at Madras Veterinary College.

16. Awarded First prize in General Quiz competition Saturnalia 2007 at Madras Veterinary College.

17. Awarded Second Prize in Kerala State Zonal level in  National General Quiz Competition on Awakening Indians to India, Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, Mumbai 2003.

18. Awarded First prize in Youth Training Programme 2003  on Oil Conservation by Petroleum Conservation Research Association, (Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas), Government of India.

19. Awarded First prize in Quiz competition Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight 2005.

20. Awarded second prize in Inter College level Quiz competition at Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai, 2008.


1. BBSRC, UK sponsored Early Career Researcher Exchange Training Programme(WUN-KVASU- University of Bristol) on  Health and welfare consequences of maladaptation of high producing cross-bred dairy cattle to environmental stressors in India January 12th – February 12th 2016 at School of Veterinary Sciences, Langford, University of Bristol, UK

2. Orientation programme on "Innovative Pedagogical strategies", at  Academic Staff college,  CVAS Mannuthy, KVASU , Kerala from 03-01-2018 to 30-01-2018

3. ICAR sponsored winter school on  "Climate Change Led Abiotic and Biotic Stress in Farm Animals and Amelioration with Nutritional and Physiological Approaches" at ICAR- NIANP, Adugodi,  Bengaluru from 01-11-2018 to 21-11-2018



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