College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , Mannuthy


Research News, Initiatives & External aided projects

Areas of research

  • Effect of natural molecules on food additives
  • Effect of natural molecules in metabolic disorders
  • Enzymology
  • Molecular characterization of genes
  • Molecular methods to diagnose disease

Research news and Events

  • Shown that the natural molecule, piperin present in Piper longum Linn. is effective against MSG toxicity
  • Mature green fruits of Chenkadali (Musa AAA) are shown to be effective in the treatment of Diabetes mellitus.
  • Shown that among the various preparations of coconut oil, Virgin coconut oil is the best in checking the variations in lipid profile leading to CHD
  • Established the storage stability of hepatobiliary enzymes in ruminants and dogs of humid-tropics.


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