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Research News, Initiatives & External aided projects

Major Thrust Area
The department has done pioneering work on the Physiology of Asian elephants and different aspects of avian -physiology (Digestive system, Stress physiology, Reproduction, Avian Nutrition, etc). Besides, elaborate studies on stress, antistress agents, immune responses, climatic effects and growth were conducted in both domestic animals and birds. Department had completed 7 external aided projects (ICAR, NATP and Govt. of Kerala), 31 research projects (Masters) and 8 doctorate projects. (PhD)

Research Projects (last 10 years)

  • Assessment of mineral status during pregnancy in crossbred cattle.(2000)
  • Stress related physiological changes in cattle brought for slaughter (2002).
  • Evaluation of certain metabolic and haematological parameters in crossbred calves fed with rumen undegradable Soya bean meal ( 2002)
  • Haematological studies of Alpine crossbred (Capra hircus) from birth to puberty (2003).
  • Effect of induced stress and antistress agents on the physiological parameters in broiler chicken (2003).
  • Effect of blue green alga (Spirulina platensis) on haematological, biochemical and Fertility Parameters of egg type male chicken. (2003).
  • Metabolic and endocrine profile of crossbred pre-ruminant calf under extended colostrum feeding.(2003)
  • Hypoglycemic efficacy of Scoparia dulcus and Costus species in albino rats (2005)
  • Effect of season and anti stress agents on physiological and biochemical parameters of broiler chicken under stress. (2007)
  • Dietary supplementation of spirulina platensis on growth and immune response of broiler chicken.( 2008)
  • Cell mediated immune response in cockerels under temperature stress. (2008)
  • Physio-biochemical evaluation of broiler chicken fed with processed fish wastes (2008)
  • Anti oxidant potential of Malphigia glabra (acerola) berries in rats.(2009)

Externally Aided Projects

  • Studies on the effect of feeding antibiotics on physiological norms of poultry (Govt. of Kerala) 1962-1964
  • Studies on the chemical composition and nutritive value of duck eggs. (ICAR) 1962-1966.
  • Studies on some physiological aspects of Indian elephants (ICAR) 1981-1983.
  • Utilization of elephant energy with enhanced system efficiency (ICAR) 1991-1994.
  • Enzyme – Kinetic studies on Indian elephants (ICAR) 1991-1994.
  • Physiological evaluation of stress on meat quality induced by growth promoters and its amelioration in broiler (NATP) chicken. 2002-2004.
    PI: Dr. P. T. Philomina.
  • Immune response of the chicken to environmental stress (ICAR) 2004-2007. PI: Dr.V. Ramnath

Research News and Events

  • The data gathered from the research works provided the scientific ground in defining and discriminating the growth promoting actions of certain feed additives, vitamin C and Alpha tocopherol in broiler chicken. Physiological Evaluation of dietary supplementation of steroid hormones in broiler chicken was also analyzed.
  • An environmental/ climatic chamber for birds, probably, the first of its kind in the Country, was designed, fabricated and put in operation.
  • Antistress and adaptogenic agents like, Probiotics, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Antibiotics and herbal extracts of Terminalia chebula ( Indian gallnut) , gooseberry ( Emblica officianlis), Ashwgantha (Withania somnifera) were found to be quite effective in reducing stress and promoting immune status, growth and production in both layer and broiler chicken.
  • Metabolic and endocrine profiles of crossbred pre-ruminants (calves) under extended colostrum feeding revealed the economical feasibility of this managemental practice.
  • Established the hypoglycemic efficacy of Scoparia dulcus and Costus species in albino rats that can be a basis of ethanopharmocological significance of these abstracts in veterinary medicine.
  • Processed fish waste can be used for complete replacement of animal protein in broiler chicken feed.


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