College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , Mannuthy


Technology Transfer

• Pyrantel salts or any broad spectrum anthelmintics may be administered to calves between 10-14 days after birth to prevent Toxocara infection via milk and from soil.
• An enhancement of 1.22 liters of milk production was found in dewormed animals when compared to the non dewormed ones establishing the positive influence of        anthelmintic treatment on milk yield.
• The most suitable diagnostic test for Cryptosporidiosis being Direct Faecal smear staining (DFSS) with modified ZN staining to be introduced in peripheral                       laboratories  for field investigation
• Treatment trials in cattle with Azithromycin @ 10 mg per kg once daily orally for seven days was found beneficial and can be useful to farmers to reduce the infection     of crytosporidiosis.
• Identified diagnostic antigens for Schistosomes and developed ELISA for detection of intestinal schistosomosis in dairy cattle Identified diagnostic markers and              developed Copro PCR for S.spindale infection paving way for field level detection of the disease among dairy cattle and mapping of endemic zones in Kerala.
• Mapping of the gastrointestinal parasite fauna with special reference to strongyles in the six agro-ecological zones of Thrissur, Palakkad and Ernakulam district and      also during the different seasons
• A copro antigen indirect sandwich ELISA was developed for diagnosis of bovine amphistomosis. Developed an immunodot essay for field level diagnosis of                    amphistomosis
• Determined the prevalence of benzimidazole resistance in organized government and private goat farms and small holders' goat flocks in Kerala.
• Imparted awareness training to the veterinary and para-veterinary staff of Animal husbandry department, Kerala on anthelmintic resistance.. .
• Standardized PCR-RFLP for detection of benzimidazole resistance polymorphisms in predominant species of gastro intestinal strongyles in goats.

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