College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , Mannuthy


Research News, Initiatives & External aided projects

Research Facilities

  • Facilities for Isolation and characterization of micro organisms up to molecular level are available.
  • PCR based diagnostic techniques have been standardized for various bacterial and viral diseases.

Recent research findings

  • Different inactivated vaccines were developed against duck pasteurellosis and on comparing their immunopotency, oil adjuvant vaccines were found to afford greater degree of protection.
  • PCR was successfully employed to detect Mycoplasma and Leptospira in mastitis milk.
  • RT- PCR, RNA-PAGE & AGID were used to diagnose bovine Rota virus infections in calves.
  • Saponin- aluminium adjuvanated vaccines were developed against Mycoplasma gallisepticum infections in chicken and they elicited significant humoral and CMI response in vaccinates. 
  • Latex agglutination test was found to be an effective tool for flock screening of birds for M. gallisepticum antibodies.


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