College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , Mannuthy


Department Profile

A combined department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics existed as early as 1959 and the independent department of Therapeutics was formed in May 1972. Subsequently the name was changed as the Department of Clinical medicine in 1982 and as Department of Veterinary Clinical medicine in 2001.

M.V.Sc programme was introduced in 1976 and PhD in the academic year 1992 -93. So far 30 students have competed M.V.Sc and one student PhD. Apart from undergraduate teaching, expertise is provided to the medical unit of College Veterinary Hospital, Mannuthy and University Veterinary Hospital, Kokkalai,Thrissur.

In medical units of these hospitals, diagnosis of animal diseases is confirmed by modern diagnostic equipments like Electrocardiography, Ultrasonography etc. Critically ill animals are given special attention and medical care is provided in an Emergency and critical care unit where cardiac monitoring, oxygen administration and blood transfusions are done to resuscitate animals.

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