College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , Mannuthy


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Research Highlights

  • A systematic method of construction of balanced n-ary designs with equal or unequal replications and equal or unequal block sizes were developed.
  • A combined selection index was developed for the study of the contribution of biometric characters on yield in dessert and culinary varieties of banana.
  • Fitted a model for predicting the pattern of growth in domestic fowl.
  • New selection indices were constructed for the improvement of poultry.
  • Genotypic selection indices were constructed for different combinations of characters through principal component analysis and path coefficient analysis.
  • Developed yield forecasting models for rice using climatologically models.
  • Developed a suitable model for ascertaining the growth and egg production of quails.
  • Suggested a suitable selection index on goats.

Research Facilities

  • Computer and statistical softwares.
  • Statistical consultation including sample size determination, data management and statistical analysis in various fields.


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