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Dr. Devada Kopparambil Dr. Devada Kopparambil
Designation: - Professor & Head
Address: - Department of Veterinary Parasitology, College of Veterinary &Animal Sciences, Mannuthy
Mobile No: - 9447418800
Email ID: - devada @kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

B.V.Sc and AH

M.V.Sc in Veterinary Parasitology

Ph.D in Veterinary Parasitology

MBA (Human Resource Management)

Area of Research

Veterinary Protozoology-Tissue cyst forming coccidia

Work Experience

Joined Kerala Agricultural University on 16.11.1988

Assistant Professor, CVAS, Mannuthy-16-11-1988 to 26-7-1998

Associate Professor, CVAS, Mannuthy-27-07-1998 to 02-12-2005

Associate Professor, CVAS, Pookode -03-12-2005 to 26-07-2006

Professor and Head, CVAS, Pookode -27-07-2006 to 05-05-2010

Professor, CVAS, Mannuthy-06-05-2010 to 31-05-2011

Professor and Head, CVAS, Mannuthy-01-06-2011 to 11-09-2014

Director (Academics and Research, KVASU) –University HQ, Pookode- 12-09-2014 to 11-09-2017

Professor and University Head, CVAS, Mannuthy- 20-09-2017 to continuing PG teacher from 1995 onwards

Course Director -Diploma in Laboratory techniques- 2011-2014




  1. Best poster award in the National seminar on “Recent trends in Management and Welfare of Cage and Aviary birds” organized by Blue Cross Society (Thrissur) on 03-03-2011, CVAS, Mannuthy -Devada, K., Shameem, H., Nair, N.D and Vergis J. (2011) Akibosis –A killer diseases of Layers
  2. Best Poster award in the category of Fishery and Veterinary Sciences at Kerala Science Congress, 28-31, Jan 2010, KFRI, Peechi -Joju Johns, U.C. Mithin, M. Aparna, P.T.Harshal, Mathew Abraham, K.G.Ajithkumar, Reghu Ravindran and K. Devada. (2010) Detection of larval stages of Spirocerca lupi in garden lizards (Calotes versicolor)
  3. Second Best Poster award at XX NCVP at CCS,HAU, Hisar, Feb.18-20, 2011 for Ajithkumar,K. G., Ravindran, R., George, A.J., Johns, J., Aparna, M., Mithun, U.G, Devada,K. (2010) Detection of Spirocerca lupi in intermediate hosts like garden lizards (Calotes versicolor)
  4. Prof. B. V. Rao Award 2000 for the best research article in Parasitology, published in the Indian Veterinary Journal, 77:3
  5. Dr. G. Nirmalan Trust Award 2000 for the best research article.
  6. Sri. M.N. Parameswaran Endowment Prize for the highest OGPA in M.V.Sc. (1984)
  7. ICAR Senior Research Fellowship for Ph.D (1992-95)
  8. ICAR Junior Research Fellowship for M.V.Sc. (84 -86)
  9. KAU Merit Scholarship for B.V.Sc. & AH (79 -84)
  10. National Merit Scholarship, Ministry of Education and Culture, GoI-1977


  1. Certificate of Appreciation for organizing XXIV NCVP at CVAS, Mannuthy in Feb, 2014 from Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (IAAVP)
  2. Fellow of National Academy of Veterinary Sciences 2007
  3. Member of National Academy of Veterinary Sciences 1999
  4. Honorary appointment to the Research Board of Advisors, American Biographical Institute-1999
  5. Honorary appointment to Professional Women’s Advisory Board, American Biographical Institute-1999


  1. Regional workshop of KAU-NRCWA Net working project on “Engendering Agricultural research and extension”, 10th to 15th Jan 2005, Centre for studies on Gender concerns in Agriculture, Kerala Agricultural University
  2. Summer school on “Nutrient enrichment of poultry meat and egg by dietary manipulations”, 5-11-05 to 25-11-05, Centre of advanced studies in Poultry Science, VCRI, Namakkal, TANUVAS
  3. Summer school on “Nucleic acid probes and hybridization methods against animal diseases”, 5-6-01 to 26-6- 01, Dept. of Biotechnology, MVC, TANUVAS, Chennai
  4. Short term training on “Immunity to parasites in domestic animals”, 17-2-97 to 3-3-97, Dept.of Parasitology, UAS, Hebbal, Bangalore
  5. Summer school on “Advances in Clinical Pathology and Post Mortem diagnosis”, 8-1-97 to 27-1-97 -Dept. of Pathology, CVAS, Mannuthy
  6. Summer school on “Diseases and health care of small herbivores”, 4-6-90 to 23-6-90, Dept. of Clinical Medicine, CVAS, Mannuthy


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