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Dr.Lucy Sabu Dr.Lucy Sabu
Designation: - Professor
Mobile No: - 9447235722
Email ID: - lucysabu@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

B.V.Sc& AH; MVSc; Ph.D

Area of Research

Veterinary Protozoology, Parasitic zoonoses

Work Experience

Veterinary Surgeon, Department of Animal Husbandry, Kerala from 8.9.1980 to 1.1.1984

Junior Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Mannuthy from 30.3.1985 to 31.12.1988

Assistant Professor, CVAS, Mannuthy from 1.1.88 to 24.7.2005

Associate Professor (Sel), CVAS, Pookode from 25.7.2005 to 15.04.2010

Professor (CAS)  CVAS, Mannuthy from 18.9.2010 to 6.6.2013

Professor, CVAS, Pookode from 7.6.13 to 4.6.15

Professor, CVAS, Mannuthy from 5.6.15 continuing.


1."Recent Advances on the Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Zoonotic Diseases" by Madras Veterinary College, Chennai from 19.6.1995 to 8.7.1995

2. "Zoonotic Parasies- Their Diagnosis and Control" by UAS, Hebbal, Bangalore from 9.3.98 to 23.3.1998

3. "Emerging Biotechnological Methods in Disease Diagnosis" by Madras Veterinary College, Chennai from 19.4.2006 to 9.5.2006

4.  "Computer based Multimedia presentation" by NAARM, Hyderabad from 20.6.2007 to 10.7.2007

5.  "Hands on training on Basic Molecular Biology Techniques" by KVASU from 13.1.14 to 20.1.14 



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