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Dr.Shyama K Dr.Shyama K
Designation: - Professor
Address: - Associate Professor & Head, Dept.of Animal Nutrition, CVAS, Pookode
Mobile No: - 9447436104
Email ID: - shyama@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

B. V. Sc& AH, Kerala Agricultural University (1985-91)

M.V. Sc., K.A.U, (1992-1994)

Ph.D , K.A.U (2009)

Area of Research

Ruminant Nutrition

Non Ruminant Nutrition

Nutrition of Laboratory Animals

Feed Technology

Work Experience

  • Animal Husbandry Department, Kerala as Veterinary surgeon(1993-1996)


  • Kerala Agricultural University-As Asst.Professor-from 1996  (continuing)

1. Sheep & Goat farm Mannuthy (College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Mannuthy )

2. Centre for Pig Production and Research ,COVAS Mannuthy

3. Cattle Breeding Farm,Thumburmuzhy

4 .Faculty of College of Veterrinary & Animal Sciences Mannuthy with additional charge of SABS, 


5. Associate Professer of College of Veterrinary & Animal Sciences, Pookode with additional charge of

   Professor (Acad)


           BVSc& AH  MVSc and PhD  -  Various courses

           Technical Manager  and Deputy Quality Manger -NABL accredited feed and fodder analysis  

            Laboratory at CVAS, Mannuthy


  • 1st Kerala Women’s  Science Congress honour for being a recipient of PhD –held at St. Theresas college Ernakulam (2012)
  • Appreciation from Director of Academics  and Research KVASU for works  as Technical Manager  and Deputy Quality Manger -NABL accredited feed and fodder analysis  Laboratory at CVAS, Mannuthy


  1. Technological advances in poultry products and marketing- Namakkal 21 days 4-1-2006  to  2006  Tamil Nadu, Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
  2. Current Trends in Poultry Management Namakkal21 days 4-1-2006 to 24-1-2006 Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
  3. Current trends in microbial biotechnology: Genomics diversity And gene mining Central        

Institute of Fisheries Technology  Cochin 21days

  1. First trainers training Course on Laboratory medicine from 19th February 19th to 20th 2013-12-01
  2. Training on invitro gas production at NIANP Adugodi, Bangalore from 23-1-2012 to 25-1-2012
  3. Management development programme on Academic leadership for Excellence  at IIMK, Calicut  

from 4-10-2012 to 6-10-2012

  1. Training workshop on scientific report writing and presentation at NAARM, Hyderabad from 

September25 to 28th (4 days)- 2012

  1. ICAR sponsored short course on Precision feeding and nutrigenomic modulation of underlying   

physiology to ameliorate  stress and promote production in livestock- September 4-13th , 2013 at

       National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bangalore

  1. Laboratory management systems & internal audit as per IS/ISO/IEC 17025 from 29.04.14 to 2.05.14 at CVAS Mannuthy organized by NITS, New Delhi



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28)Production performance of cows reared on complete feeds with varying levels of neutral detergent fobre (NDF) as against the conventional grass-concentrate feeding system in Kerala

by Biju Chacko, K.M.Syam mohan, K.Ally, K.Shyama, K.S.Anil and C.T.Sathian j.Vet, Anim,Sci 2016, 47(1)36-41

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35)Effect of paddy straw based complete ration s with different levels of neutral detergent fibre on microbial protein synthesis in dairy cows during early and mid lactation

Biju Chacko K.,.Syam Mohan, K.M., Ally, K.,.Shyama, K., Anil K.S. and.Sathian  C.T Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 87(8)1000-1004 August 2017


36)Effect of paddy straw plus nonforage fibre source based complete rations with different levels of neutral detergent fiber on hemato biochemical and mineral profile of lactationg dairy cows by Biju Chacko K.,.Syam Mohan, K.M., Ally, K.,.Shyama, K., Anil K.S. and.Sathian  C.T


37)Association of a novel single nucleotide polymorphism at the exon-2 of Insulin –like growth factor I(IGFI) gene with phenotypic variants in goats

Thomas Naicy, Thirupathy Venkatachalapathy, Thazhathuveettil .Aravindakshan,  Kunniyoor Raghavan, Mangattumuruppel Mini and  Kulangara Shyama Veterinary Arhiv 87 (4),457-472, 2017


38) cDNA cloning, structural analysis, SNP detection and tissue expression profile of the IGFI gene in  Malabari and Attappady Black goats Thomas Naicy, Thirupathy Venkatachalapathy, Thazhathuveettil .Aravindakshan,  Kunniyoor Raghavan, Mangattumuruppel Mini and  Kulangara Shyama  India Journal of Genetics vol 96, No 2. June 2017

39)Evaluation of hydroponic fodder as a partial feed substitute in the ration of crossbred calves by

.Rajkumar, G.,.Dipu, M.T. Lalu K,.Shyama K, and Banakar P.S.Accepted for publication (ARCC/B-3431) Agricultural research communication centre dated 19-5-2017

40)Effect of paddy straw plus nonforage fibre sources based complete rations with different levels of neutral detergent fibre on nitrogen balance of lactating dairy cows K.Biju Chacko, K.M.Syam Mohan, K. Ally, K.Shyama, K.S.Anil, and C.T.Sathian  Indian Journal of Veterinary Research vol 26 No 2 2017:30-36

41)Performance enhancement of lactating dairy cows by dietary inclusion of neutral detergent fibres  

   Biju Chacko., Syammohan K.M., Ally K., Shyama K., Anil K.S. and Sathian C.T.Indian Vet. J.   

   December 2017 94 (12)45-48

42)Evaluation of growth, yield, nutritive value and cost of production of maize fodder grown under hydroponic systems Rajkumar G., Dipu M.T., Gangadevi P., Lalu K., Shyama K. and Anil K.S   J.Vet and Anim. Sci. vol.48 2017, issue 1

43)Effect of fennel seeds on biochemical and haematological parameters of Wistar albino male rats fed     on high fat  diet  Jasmine rani K., Shyama K., Chithrima Seethal R. and Ally K.  Indian Journal of 

      Natural Sciences Vol. 8/issue 46/Feb 2018

44)Effects of different levels of DL methionine supplementation on low hatch weight  broiler chicken 

     carcass charecteristics Nagarjune J. Deepak, Senthilmurugan S., Chinthuravisankar, Biju Chacho   

     and Shyama K. Indian Journal of Natural science vol.8 /issue 47/April 2018

45)In vitro Evaluation of Ayurvedic pharmaceutical byproducts as an alternate feed source 

      Sajith Purushothaman1, Shyama.K2, Ally.K3, Dileep.V4, Anil.K.S5 and Siju Joseph6 Indian Journal of  

        Natural Sciences www.tnsroindia.org.in ©IJONS Vol. 8 / Issue 49 /August 2018


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