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DEPARTMENT: Animal Nutrition

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Designation: - Associate Professor
Mobile No: - 9495086538
Email ID: - dipu@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

  • MVSc - Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly (2004)
  • PhD - Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly (2007)

Area of Research

 Principle Investigator of State Plan (2013-14) - Evaluation of efficiency of different feed supplements in the clinical management of dermatosis in dogs

Work Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Nutrition, CVAS Mannuthy (June 2008 - April 2015)
  • Assistant Professor, Centre for Pig Production and Research, Mannuthy (June 2015 - June 2016)
  • Assistant Professor and Head, Base Farm, Kolahalamedu, Idukki (June 2016 - June 2019)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Nutrition, CVAS Mannuthy (June 2019 - Continuing)



  • ICAR JRF for MVSc programme
  • IVRI SRF for Ph.D programme


  • NAIP sponsored National Training on Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Licensing in Agriculture at NAARM Hyderabad on March 2nd to 11th 2011 for 10 days
  • Refresher Course on “Emerging trends on diversified poultry production” from 09th to 29th November, 2011 CAFT in Avian Sciences, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu for 21 days
  • Orientation programme by UGC Academic Staff College, Calicut from 02.03. 2012 to 29.03.2012 for 28 days
  • Training on “Governance in Science and Technology” at LBSNAA, Mussorrie from 23.10.13 to 28.10.13.
  • Laboratory management systems & internal audit as per IS/ISO/IEC 17025 from 29.04.14 to 2.05.14 at CVAS Mannuthy organized by NITS, New Delhi
  • ICAR Sponsored course on “Recent Advances in Nutritional-Physiological Approaches for Improving Reproduction and Production in Livestock Under Climate Change Scenario” organized by ICAR-NIANP, Bengaluru from 20-29 August 2018.


Research Papers

  • M. T. Dipu, S. K. George, P. Singh, A. K. Verma and U. R. Mehra (2006). Measurement of microbial protein supply in Murrah buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) using urinary purine derivatives excretion and PDC index. Asian-australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 19 (3), 347-355.
  • S. K. George, M. T. Dipu, U. R. Mehra, P. Singh, A. K. Verma and J. S. Ramgaokar (2006) Improved HPLC method for the simultaneous determination of allantoin, uric acid and creatinine in cattle urine. Journal of Chromatography B 832 (1), 134-137.
  • S. Vasanth., M. T. Dipu., K. Shyama. and P. Ponnuvel (2014). Influence of supplementation of copper at two levels and flavomycin on the mineral concentrations in plasma and tibia of broiler chicken. The Indian Journal of Field Veterinarians. 10 (1): 12-15.
  • Axsa P. Thomas, M. T. Dipu., K. Ally., K. M. Syam Mohan., S. Sankaralingam and V.L. Gleeja (2016). Effect of dietary supplementation of organic acids on carcass characteristics, serum biochemical parameters and livability of broiler chicken. J. Vet. Anim. Sci. 47(1): 77-82.
  • S. K. George., M. T. Dipu., A. K. Verma., U. R. Mehra., P. Singh and K. Lalu (2019). Plasma purine derivatives concentration in Barbari goats fed diets with different oil seed cakes. International Journal of Livestock Research 9 (2): 49-56.

Review articles

  • Axsa P. Thomas and M. T. Dipu (2014). Lameness in Dairy cattle: Nutritional Approaches for Prevention and Management. JIVA. 12(2):18-22.
  • S. K. George, M. T. Dipu, K. Lalu, K. Y. Deshpande, A. K. Verma, U. R. Mehra and P. Singh. (2018). Purine derivatives- Marker for rumen microbial protein production. JIVA 16 (1): 1-14.


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