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Dr. Ajith K S Dr. Ajith K S
Designation: - Assistant Professor
Address: - Kalarikkal House, Amballur, Alagappanagar P.O., Thrissur District, Kerala State
Mobile No: - 9447203151
Email ID: - ajithks@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

MVSc., PhD.

Area of Research

Title : Evaluation of beer waste based feeding systems for sustainable livestock farming.

  • Outlay : 7.93 lakhs
  • Funding Agency: KVASU
  • Duration : 6 Months

Title : Development and field evaluation of the suitability of Multi nutrient feed blocks for various production systems in Kerala.

  • Outlay : 6 lakhs
  • Funding Agency: KVASU
  • Duration : 8 Months

Title : Popularization of fodder cropping for profitable dairy farming.

  • Outlay : 35 lakhs
  • Funding Agency: KVASU
  • Duration : 12 Months

Work Experience

  • Genetic improvement of bovines by progeny testing
  • Clinical, Managemental, Administrative experience in veterinary and Animal husbandry activities
  • Experience in Teaching, Research and Extension.



  • Awarded second best poster in XVII Biennial Conference of Animal Nutrition Society of India held at Junagadh 1-3 feb 2018
  • Awarded second best oral presentation in XXVI National Convention of Indian society of Animal Production and Management held at Mannuthy 23-25 January 201


  • Management of cattle for better production and reproduction.
  • Scientific approaches in rural empowerment and planning.
  • Abattoir management and meat inspection.
  • Office automation and internet usages.
  • Local government and good governance.
  • Training on need based extension techniques.
  • Induction and orientation program for veterinary surgeons.
  • Faculty development training program for assistant professors.
  • ICAR sponsored winter school on “Livestock business and market intelligence.”
  • Decentralized governance to the veterinary surgeons of LSGIs.
  • Management Development Programme by IIMK on Academic leadership for excellence.
  • UGC sponsored 71st orientation program for Assistant Professors.
  • Basic Molecular Biology Techniques and Introduction to Basic Bioinformatics tool
  • ICAR sponsored winter school on “Livestock production and climate change: Impact, adaptation and mitigation”
  • Eleven days virtual workshop on “Livestock Methane Emission: Assessment, Impact and Amelioration Strategies”
  • ILRI-ICAR Sponsored Workshop on “Livestock Methane Emission: Assessment, Impact and Amelioration Strategies”


Research Papers

  • Ajith K.S., Arpitha , R., Madhura, Y., Prabhu, T.M., Gloridoss, R.G., Narasimhamurthy, H.N. and Chandrapal Singh, K. 2017. Effect of feeding spineless cactus on intake, digestibility, and growth performance in lambs Int. J. Livestock Res.
  • N. Veena, K.C. Singh, T.M. Prabhu, R.G. Gloridoss, Y.B.Rajeshwari and K.S. Ajith. 2018. Effect of supplementing slow release nitrogen product on lactation performance of dairy cows Anim.Nutr. Feed Technol.
  • Madhura Y., Ajith K.S., Chandrapal Singh K., Krishnamoorthy U. and Arpitha R. 2018. In vitro Evaluation of Complete diets based on Spineless Cactus (Opuntia ficus indica ) and Moringa (Moringa oleifera) for ruminant feeding. Frontier J. Vet. Anim.Sci.
  • K.S. Giridhar, T.M. Prabhu., T. Thirumalesh., B.C. Umashankar., K.S. Ajith and N.C. Siddeswara. 2018. Prediction of intake and digestibility of some forest tree leaves sing Rumen invitro gas production method. J. Exp. Zool. India
  • Arpitha R., Chandrapal Singh K., Madhura Y., Ajith K.S., Prabhu T.M., Gori M.D. and Umashankar B.C. 2018. Nutritional Evaluation of Spineless Cactus (Opuntia fics indica) based Complete diets in Sheep Frontier J. Vet. Anim. Sci.
  • Harsha Y.S., P. Anitha., Beena C. Joseph.,Stella Cyriac and Ajith K.S. 2019 Effect of Citric acid, Non Starch Polysaccharide degrading enzymes and their combination on growth performance of broilers Ind. J. Pure App. Biosci.
  • P. Priya., K.S. Ajith., K. Ally., K.Shyama and T.R. Venkatachalapathy 2020 Effect of complete feed containing moringa oleifera and sorghum sudanense on milkyield of lactating malabari goats. J. Vet. Anim. Sci
  • H.D. Arun., B. Bibin Becha ., C. Jayakumar.,M.P. Unnikrishnan., K.S. Ajith., M.O. Kurian 2020 Occurrence of repeat breeding and prolonged estrus in cross bred cattle J. Vet. Anim. Sci.
  • Amritha Aravind, Shibu Simon, C Jayakumar, RS Abhilash, RT Venkatachalapathy, K Raji and KS Ajith . 2022 Effect of feeding Moringa oleifera leaves on growth, haematobiochemical profiles and puberty in Malabari doelings J. Vet. Anim. Sci. 53 (4)522-528

    Febina K. P., Ajith K. S., Ally K. 2022. Determination of digestibility in wild ungulates by invitro techniques by using their dung as inoculum J. Indian vet. Assoc20(3)52 -57


    Prem Akhil, K. Ally, K.S. Ajith Rani Jasmine and T. Sathu (2023) Assessment of nutrient digestibility in four dry dog foods containing different levels of protein, fat and carbohydrate J. Vet. Anim. Sci. 54 (2) 348-353

Review articles

  •  Ajith.K.S., Anil Kumar,K., and Dipu,M.T. 2012 How to improve the Livestock Sector in Kerala: Some Nutritional Thoughts Journal of Indian Veterinary Association Kerala
  • Abhilash.R.S.,AnilKumar.K., Biju.S and Ajith,K.S. 2012 Termination of Pregnancy in Bitches Journal of Indian Veterinary Association Kerala
  • Ajith.K.S. 2012. Rabies eradication: A model proposal for Kerala. Envisionings

 Popular articles

  • Dr.Ajith.K.S., Dr.G.Ajith.Kumar.1998. Meat born Thyrotoxicosis Pashudhan
  • Dr.Asha.K.Raj.,Dr.Ajith.K.S., & Dr.S.Biju.. 2010. Venalilum Pacha pullinai Silage Karshakan
  • Dr.Ajith.K.S.2011. Sasthreeya Aharakramam Kerala Karshakan
  • Dr.Ajith K.S. and Dipu M.T. 2020. Panniakalkku ivayellaam theettayayi nalkaam. Karshakasree




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