College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , Mannuthy


DEPARTMENT: Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Ethics and Jurisprudence

Faculty & Staff

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Dr. Ambily V.R. Dr. Ambily V.R.
Designation: - Assistant professor
Address: - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics & Jurisprudence, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy
Mobile No: - 9400447332
Email ID: - ambily.vr@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

 B.V.Sc. & A.H

Area of Research

Title : Clinical investigations on anaemia in cross bred dairy cattle of Kerala

  • Outlay : 4.694 lakhs
  • Funding Agency: Animal Husbandry Department, Govt. of Kerala
  • Duration : 2 years

Work Experience

 Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, Ethics and Jurisprudence, KVASU



 Winner of Young Scientist Award (ISVM) for Outstanding Research in Veterinary Medicine


  • Hands on training in molecular biology. Centre for plant biotechnology, Molecular biology,(2 weeks) KAU on 2014
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics tools.CVAS, Mannuthy, KVASU from 19th-21th May 2015
  • Orientation training for “Innovative Pedagogical Strategies”, Academic Staff College ,KVASU from 3rd to 30thJanuary 2018
  • Refresher course on “Updates on clinical diagnostic techniques in veterinary practice, TANUVAS-ICAR/CAFT from 1st-21stFebruary 2018
  • Training on ‘Research Techniques used in Veterinary and Allied Sciences’ organized by CIL, KVASU from 12th to 16thvMarch 2019
  • Training on “Advanced Diagnostic approaches – A preparation to combat new challenges of Veterinary medicine from 20 -31 October 2020, Mhow, Maharatra



  • Booklet published on “Sankarayinam Kannukalikalilae Vilarcha rogam”- 2018
  • Ambily, V.R., Usha N.Pillai, Arun, R., Pramod,S. and Jayakumar, K.M.2011.Detection of human filarial parasite Brugia malayi in dogs by histochemical staining and molecular technique Vet. Parasitol. 181: 210-214.
  • Ambily, V.R., Usha N. Pillai, Pramod, S.,Kanaran, P.P. and Jayakumar, K.M.2011.Clinico-biochemical and histopathological findings in microfilariasis associated nephropathy in dogs. Indian J. Vet. Pathol. 35(1): 18 20.
  • Ambily, V.R., Usha N. Pillai and Kanaran, P.P. 2011 Lymphatic filariosis in dogs. Indian Vet. J. 88(8): 67-69
  • Ambily, V.R., Usha N.P.,Mercy, K.A., Kanaran,P.P. and Sunanda, C.2014.Qualitative and quantative urinanalysis utilizing urinary enzyme markers for early detection of renal dysfunction in canine filariosis J Vet Sci Med Diagnosis 3.2
  • Ambily V.R., Usha N.Pillai and Kanaran, P.P 2014. Immunological diagnosis of lymphatic filariosis in dogs of Kerala, India using filarial antibody detection immunospot test J Immunol Tech Infectious Diseases 3.2






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