College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , Mannuthy


DEPARTMENT: Livestock Production & Management

Faculty & Staff

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Designation: - Assistant Professor
Mobile No: - 9447237868
Email ID: - justin@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

 B.V.Sc.&A.H; M.V.Sc. ; Ph.D

Area of Research

Title : Strategies for Improving the Fodder Production of Kerala State

  • Outlay : 10.00 Lakhs
  • Funding Agency: State Plan 2014-15
  • Duration : One Year

Title : Preparation of model for organic fodder production using cattle and pig slurry

  • Outlay : 10.00 Lakhs
  • Funding Agency: State Plan 2015-16
  • Duration : One Year


Work Experience

  • Assistant Professor : 1 2 Years
  • Veterinary Surgeon : 1 & 1/2 Years
  • Senior Research Fellow: 1 Year
  • Teaching Assistant: 1 & 1/2 Years


 Best Paper Award in ISAPM, 2019


  • "Strategies to overcome the emerging health and nutritional challenges in poultry production" for 21 days at Centre of Advanced Studies in Poultry Science, TANUVAS, Namakkal from12.11.2008 to 02.12.2008
  • "Emerging trends in diversified poultry production" for 21 days at Centre of Advanced Faculty Training in Avian Sciences, TANUVAS, Namakkal from November 9th 2011 to 29th November, 2011
  • 60 days "NCC Officers Pre-Commission Training" at RVC Centre and College, Meerut Cantt. from 13.07.2009 to 10.09.2009
  • Hands on training on "Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Tools for Advanced Life Science Research” from 15th to 28th, May 2018 at School of Applied Animal Production and Biotechnology , College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy



Books / Book chapters

  • Chapter 23 " Shelter design for different livestock from a climate change perspective" Authored by Prasad.A; Giggin.T; Smitha.S; Justin Davis Sankarlingam.S and Biya Ann Joseph; in Climate Change impact on Livestock: Adaptation and mitigation; Springer India 2005

Research Papers

  • Justin Davis, Anil.K.S., Joseph Mathew, Suraj. P.T., Ally .K. and Ramnath. V., Mineral profile of hybrid Napier grass under slurry irrigation., Int.J.Adv.Res.Biol. Sci.(2017).4(3): 119-126
  • Jith John Mathew and Justin Davis., Baseline concentration of blood urea from birth to three months of age in pre-ruminant bovine and buffalo calves in tropical climate., JIVA., Vol. 14 Issue 1 April 2016
  • T.Unnikrishnan., K.A.Mercey and T.P.Sethumadhavan and Justin Davis; Model for prediction of milk price in Kerala; J.Vet. Anim. Sci. 2015.46(1): 42-45
  • V. Vishnu Savanth.,Saseendran.P.C., Anil.K.S., V.Ramnath., Justin Davis and Prasad.A., Observations on sambar Rusa unicolor stags during hard and velvet stages of antler cycle in captivity., Journal of Threatened Taxa.,3(10):2128-2135

Review articles

  • S.Harikumar., Justin Davis and Anil.K.S., Use of unconventional feed in pig production., JIVA., Vol. 14 Issue 3 December,2016

Popular articles

  • Sathya.P., C.Srinivasan., Archana.S.N., Seena.T.X.,and Justin Davis, "Health Benefits of Goat Milk", Kerala Karshakan e-journal, March, 2018
  • Seena.T.X.,Sathya.P., Archana.S.N., and Justin Davis, "Summer management in dairy farms", Kerala Karshakan e-journal, March, 2018
  • Archana.S.N., Sathya.P., C.Srinivasan., Justin Davis and Seena.T.X.,"Sanitation of Animal shelter"., Kerala Karshakan e-journal, June, 2018
  • Justin Davis., Malayalam Article "Ella veettilum oru kunjadu" in Krishiyankanam Feb-Mar, 2016
  • Justin Davis., Malayalam Article "Dairy farm thudangumbol" in Krishiyankanam Aug-Sep, 2016


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