College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , Mannuthy


DEPARTMENT: Livestock Production & Management

Faculty & Staff

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Dr. Biya Ann Joseph Dr. Biya Ann Joseph
Designation: - Assistant Professor
Address: - Dept. of Livestock Production Management, CVAS, Mannuthy
Mobile No: - 9846024361
Email ID: - biya@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications


Area of Research

Rabbit Production and Management

Work Experience

Four years


  • Awarded second place in poster presentation for Annam - National food and agro biodiversity festival 2015.
  • Awarded second prize in oral presentation KVSC 2016.



Orientation training for 28 days

Refresher course for 21 days


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  • Prasad,A., Giggin,T., Smitha,S., Justin,D., Sankaralingam, S and Biya, A.J. (2014). Shelter Design for Different Livestock from Climate Change Perspective. In: Climate change impact on livestock: adaptation and mitigation. Sejian,V, Gaughan, J, Bumgard, L and Prasad C.S (eds.), Springer Veerlaag publisher

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