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Dr.Bindu  Lakshmanan Dr.Bindu Lakshmanan
Designation: - Assistant Professor
Address: - Achutham, Pattalakkunnu, Mannuthy, Thrissur-680651
Mobile No: - 9447486722
Email ID: - bindul@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

M.V.Sc, Phd

Area of Research

Diagnostic Parasitology


Work Experience

Veterinary Surgeon, Department of Animal Husbandry,Government of Kerala: 11.01.2002-06.07. 2005)

Assistant Professor, Veterinary Parasitology,CVAS,Pookode : 07.07.2005- 07.06.2008

Assistant Professor,Veterinary Parasitology,CVAS,Mannuthy : 09.06.2008- till date



KAU Merit Scholarship for B.V.Sc & A.H.

2. Second rank holder for B.V.Sc & A.H.

3. ICAR-Junior Research Fellowship for M.V.Sc.

4. Gold medal & G. Ramanujari memorial Prize from TANUVAS for the best M.V.Sc Student in Parasitology.

5. Gold medal & Rao sahib M.Ananta Narayan Rao memorial Prize from TANUVAS for the best M.V.Sc student in Parasitology.

6. Dr. G. Nirmalan Trust Award, 2008 for the best research article published in 2007

7. First rank and Gold medal for PhD from KVASU in 2015

8.  Oral Presentation award by Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology at the 25th National Congress of Veterinary Parasitology, 17th to 19th Feb 2016 at Madras Veterinary College, Chennai

9.Poster presentation award by Indian Veterinary Association in the National Seminar on “Role of Veterinary Profession in Sustainable Development to Improve livelihoods food security and safety”, 28th April,2018


  • Refresher course in “New insights in parasitic disease epidemiology and control” from 6-2-06 to 26- 2-06 at Veterinary College, Bangalore
  • Orientation training from 24.10.07 to 20.11.07 at Academic Staff College, Calicut University, Kerala.
  • Training programme on “Winning Research Proposals in Agricultural Research “from 14.10.08 to 20.10.08 under NAIP at NAARM (National Academy of Agricultural Research Management), Hyderabad.
  •  In Silico genome and proteome Analysis” conducted by Department of Bioinformatics and ARIS cell at Madras Veterinary College,Chennai July 1-5,2013.
  • ICAR sponsored winter school on Bioinformatics and its emerging dimensions in Agriculture’ during January 12th - February 1st, 2015 at Bioinformatics Center,IT-BT complex,KAU,Vellanikkara
  • Hands on Training on “Basic Molecular Biology Techniques & Introduction to Bioinformatics” 17.07.2017-26.07.2017 at School of Applied Animal Production and Biotechnology, CVAS,Mannuthy.


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