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DEPARTMENT: Livestock Production & Management

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Dr.Suraj P.T Dr.Suraj P.T
Designation: - Professor
Address: - Dept. of Livestock Production Management, CVAS, Mannuthy
Mobile No: - 9846360887
Email ID: - surajpt@kvasu.ac.in

Area of Research

Ruminant Production

Integrated Farming with Livestock



Sivakumar, T., Suraj P. T., Yasotha A. and Jayashree Phukon. (2018). Physiological variation in dairy cows under various housing types during summer in Tamil Nadu. Indian Veterinary Journal 95 (3): 23-25.

Justin Davis, Anil.K.S, Joseph Mathew, Suraj.P.T, Ally.K. and Ramnath.V. (2017). Mineral profile of Hybrid Napier grass under slurry irrigation. Int. J. Adv. Res. Biol. Sci. 4(3): 119-126.

Sivakumar T, Suraj P.T, Yasotha A, Phukon J. (2017) Identification of suitable housing system for dairy cattle in North East Zone of Tamil Nadu, India, with respect to microclimate, Veterinary World, 10(1): 1-5.

Sivakumar,T.,  Suraj, P.T. and Yasotha A. (2016). Housing Patterns for Dairy Cattle in Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu, India. Research & Reviews: Journal of Dairy Science and Technology.  5(2): 21-24

Suraj, P.T., Sivakumar, T. and Sesh, P.S.L. (2015). Seasonal variations in the blood serum levels of sodium and potassium in crossbred dairy cattle under different housing systems in Tamil Nadu. Indian Journal of Applied Research. 5 (11), 289-292.

Suraj, P.T., Sivakumar, T. and Paramasivam,A. (2015). Seasonal haematological profile of cattle in four agro-climatic regions of Tamil Nadu under different housing systems. International Journal of Scientific Research. 4 (11), 222-228.

Suraj, P.T., Sivakumar, T. and Paramasivam,A. (2015). Trends in temperature, temperature humidity index and climate change at seven agro-climatic Regions of Tamil Nadu. Indian Journal of Applied Research. 5 (11), 184-188.

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