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College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences , Mannuthy


DEPARTMENT: Veterinary Anatomy & Histology

Faculty & Staff

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Dr .Sumena K B Dr .Sumena K B
Designation: - Assistant Professor Stage I
Address: - Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Histology, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Mannuthy
Mobile No: - 9447614778
Email ID: - sumena@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications





Area of Research


Teaching and Research in Avian Anatomy and Histology

Work Experience

  1. Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Histology in the College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Mannuthy (25-05-2015 onwards)

  2.  Holding additional charge of Course Director, MOOC & D- Learn centre, KVASU, Mannuthy

  3. Worked as Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Histology in the College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, on deputation from AHD, Kerala (From 20-12-2014 to 23-05-2015).

  4.  Worked as Veterinary Surgeon in Animal Husbandry Department for 2 years (From 27-12-2011 to 19-12-2013).

  5.  Worked as Vocational Teacher in VHSE Department for a total period of 4 years & 6 months (From 01-06-2007 to 26-12-2011).

  6. Worked as Assistant Manager, Goat Farm, KLDB, Dhoni for 4 months & 22 days (From 24-01-2007 to 15-05-2007)

  7.  Worked as Teaching Assistant in the Department of Veterinary Anatomy in College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Mannuthy for 40days (From 13-12-2006 to 23-01-2007).



  1.  Dr. Md. Hafeezuddin silver jubilee medal and awardfor the best paper in "Anatomy of Wild and Zoo Animals”for the research paper entitledComparative studies on keel bones of purple heron and duck’ authored by Sumena K.B., Lucy K. M., Ashok N., K. V. Syam, Maya S., Indu V. R., Sreeranjini A.R. and Sunilkumar N.S. In the XXXII Annual Convention of Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists & National Symposium on “Advances and applications of veterinary anatomy in livestock, pet, poultry, lab animal and wildlife-health and production"held at Department of Anatomy and Histology, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, OUAT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, from 21st-23rd December, 2017
  2. First prize for Best Poster Award in ANNAM, National Food and Agro Biodiversity festival & National Seminar, December 2015, Ernamkulam.
  3.   PG Diploma in Ethno pharmacology from KVASU
  4. Second best oral presentation award in Wildlife session, 8th Kerala Veterinary Science Congress held at Pattikadu, Thrissur from 12th & 13th November 2016 by IVA, Kerala
  5. Second best oral presentation award in Basic Veterinary and allied sciences session, 7th Kerala Veterinary Science Congress held at Pookode, Wayanadu from
    14th to 15th November 2015 by IVA, Kerala.
     Young Scientist Award – Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists- Nov. 2007.



1. HRD programme for faculties on effect of motivation on institutional development, on 15/03/2018, at CVAS, Mannuthy
2. Dr. Sumena K.B. attending Refresher training on “Reshaping Scientific Community in the Context of Building Entrepreneurship” at Academic Staff College, KVASU,        Mannuthy for 21 days from 11.07.2017 to 31.07.2017.
3. Attended the 'Three day Skill Building Workshop on Tools and Techniques for e-Content Development' from March 02nd to 04th, 2017 for Teachers/Scientists of            Educational and Research Institutions. This is an opportunity for the faculty to learn the new technology for innovative teaching.
4. Orientation programme by Academic Staff College, KVASU CVAS, Mannuthy from 11.01. 2016 to 09.02.2016 for 28 days on ‘Academic Leadership’
5. Orientation training for newly recruited Assistant Professors, Pookode, KVASU.



  1. Sumena K.B., Lucy K.M., Ashok N., and Indu V Raj (2016). “Pectoral limb bones of Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus)”. Compendium Life of The 8th Kerala Veterinary Science Congress (KVSC 2016) .
  2. Sumena K. B. and Lucy K.M. 2015. Comparative studies on the keel bones of Black Drongo, Domestic fowl and Duck. Proceedings of 7th Kerala Veterinary Science Congress, Pookode.
  3. Sumena K.B., Jasmine Rani K., and Leena K.B. 2015. Dietary habits and attitudes of adolescent Kanitribals. Book of Abstracts, National seminar on Food, health & Agro-biodiversity changing paradigms, Ernamkulam
  4.  Sumena K. B. and Lucy K.M. 2016. ‘Diprosopus condition in a newborn calf’. Indian J. Anim. Res., 50(2):275-277.
  5.  K.B.Sumena, K.M.Lucy. 2015. Cleft lip and palate in a kid- Case study. Indian J. Anim. Res. 49 (1) 2015: 148-149.
  6. K. B. Sumena, K. M. Lucy, J. J. Chungath and N. Ashok. 2015. Regional histology of stratum germinativum of the skin in Large White Yorkshire pigs. J. Vet. Anim. Sci. 46 (1): 46-50.
  7. K.B.Sumena, K.M.Lucy, 2014 ‘Diprosopus Condition in a Newborn Calf’ Case study Indian Journal of Animal Research
  8. K.B.Sumena, K.M.Lucy, J.J.Chungath, N.Ashok, K.R.Harshan 2014. Regional Histology of Stratum germinativum of the skin in Large White Yorkshire pigs    Research article Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
  9. K.B.Sumena, K.M.Lucy, 2012 ‘Cleft lip and palate in a kid’ Case study -Indian Journal of Animal Research
  10. K.B.Sumena, K.M.Lucy, J.J.Chungath, N.Ashok, K.R.Harshan 2010. Morphology of skin of Large White Yorkshire pigs      Indian Journal of Animal Research    Vol.44(1) pp.55-57     Hariana
  11. K.B.Sumena, K.M.Lucy, J.J.Chungath, N.Ashok, K.R.Harshan, 2010. Histochemical Studies on the skin of the pig            Indian Veterinary Journal Vol.87(11) pp1130-1132 Chennai
  12. K.B.Sumena, K.M.Lucy, J.J.Chungath, N.Ashok, K.R.Harshan 2010 Regional histology of papillary dermis in Large White Yorkshire pigs Indian Veterinary Journal        Vol.87(9) pp908-910 Chennai
  13. K.B.Sumena, K.M.Lucy, J.J.Chungath, N.Ashok, K.R.Harshan       2010    Regional histology of the subcutaneous tissue and the sweat glands of the Large White Yorkshire pigs Tamilnadu Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Vol.6(3) pp 128-135 Chennai
  14. Sumena.K.B. and Ibraheem Kutty.C 2005    ‘Double cervix in a Parous Cow’ Case study - The North East Veterinarian    Vol.V(2)     pp.16        Guwahati
  15. K.B.Sumena, K.M.Lucy, J.J.Chungath, N.Ashok, K.R.Harshan 2009. Structure and distribution of clear cells in the epidermis of Large White Yorkshire Pigs       Proceedings of the National Seminar on the Recent Trends in Animal welfare and sustainable Livestock Production           pp 95,96          Thrissur
  16. Sumena.K.B. & Lucy.K.M.    2007    Histomorphology of Hair in Pigs (Sus domesticus) Extended Abstracts of the 19th Kerala Science Congress pp 649,650     Kannur
  1. Co- editor of   ‘Glimpses of Facilities at KVASU’ Director of Entrepreneurship, KVASU
  2. Co- editor of Compendium of Lectures for training programme for Assistant Directors of Animal Husbandry Department, Kerala Vol. I & Vol. II, Director of Entrepreneurship, KVASU
  3. Co- editor of Package of Practices Recommendations – 2016.
  4.  Co- editor of Annual report of KVASU- 2015.
  5. A chapter in ‘Seminar Digest’2016, Academic Staff College, KVASU.
  6. Chapter co-author of the book ‘Embedding PBL in Veterinary Curriculum’.
  7. Chapter author of the Chapter- ‘Caring of the New Born Puppies’ in the Book     Laboratory / Rabbit/Fur Animal Production and Management and Pet Animal Care.


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