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Dr.Syamala Karunakaran Dr.Syamala Karunakaran
Designation: - Assistant Professor
Mobile No: - 9447668582
Email ID: - syamala@kvasu.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

 BVSc&AH, MVSc, Ph.D

Area of Research


Work Experience



  • ICAR-Junior Research Fellowship for M.V.Sc.
  • Second best poster presentation of the Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology at the 24th National Congress of Veterinary Parasitology,5th-7th ,College of Veterinary and animal Sciences, Mannuthy
  • Third best paper award in the National seminar on “Environmental protection for improving animal and human health” 8th-10 May ,2020
  • Best oral presentation in Asian regional Conference on Goats ARCG 2018 22-26th,2018


  • 21 days training on “Recombinant DNA tools and cell culture techniques October 10-october 30th 28,2012 at Dept. of Animal Biotechnology, COVS, LLRUVAS, Hisar
  • 7 days training on “Hands on training on basic molecular biology techniques” at Centre for advanced studies in animal genetics and breeding, CoVAS, Mannuthy.
  • British council sponsored International Workshop “Companion Animal welfare :in clinical Training and Shelter Medicine” at College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Mannuthy during February 18-22, 2013.
  • Three days training on “Training in SPSS” organised by Department of Statistics , College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Mannuthy. September6-7,2013
  • Three days training on “Hands on training on Bioinformatics Tools” at Centre for advanced studies in animal genetics and breeding CoVAS, Mannuthy.
  • Three days training on Analytical techniques used in veterinary and animal sciences at Central Instrumentation laboratory
  • Orientation training from 24.10.2015 to 20.11.2015 at Academic Staff College, Calicut University, Kerala.
  • Application of ICT in Animal Husbandry Teaching, Research and Extension’– Three day training organised at KFRI Peechi on 6,7 and 8th of September,2016.
  • Two days workshop addressing dog medicine, behavior and population management by KVASU and Royal Dick school of veterinary studies 28th and 29th November,2016
  • Onedya HRD training on Effect of Motivatio on Institutional development organized by Academic Staff College, KVASU on March 15th 2018
  • HRD training programme on “Moving towards Professional excellence” organized by Academic Staff College, KVASU, on 23rd March, 2019 at CVAS,Mannuthy
  • Fourteen days training on Skill development training on molecular biology and bioinformatics tools for advanced life science research at School of Applied animal Production and Biotechnology from 1/8/2019-14/8/2019


  • K Syamala, K Devada and G,K,Nair ( 2004) Sensitivity of modified agglutination test in the diagnosis of caprine toxoplasmosis ..J.Vet. Anim. Sci.35: 46-48
  • K Syamala,K, Devada and K.M Pillai .(2007) Carbon immune assay: A simple and rapid serodiagnostic test for caprine toxoplasmosis . J.Vet. Anim. Sci.38(2007) 14-15
  • K.Syamala,K, Devada and .K.M Pillai .(2008)Diagnosis of caprine toxoplasmosis by latex agglutination test. .. J.Vet. Anim. Sci. 38(2008)53-54
  • K. Syamala, K .Devada and K.M.Pillai.(2007) Cultivation of Toxoplasma tachyzoites in duck embryos. J.Vet. Anim. Sci.38:72-73
  • Marykutty Thomas and K Syamala (2016) Efficacy of FAMACHA© eye colour chart in the assessment of parasite load and anaemia in goats of humid tropics .Ind. Vet. J. 93 (02):54-56
  • Marykutty Thomas and K. Syamala (2016). Breed difference in tick count and its association with skin characteristics in crossbred cattle. Ind. Vet. J. 93(05):32-35
  • Deepa Chirayath, K.Syamala, Silpa Sasi and Rajin, T.R. (2017) Partial seizure in puppies due to Otodectus cynotis infestation-a report. of two cases. J.Vet.Anim.Sci. 48(2):103-104
  • Marykutty and K.Syamala ( 2017). Sensitivity and specificity of the FAMACHA© system in Attappady black goats of Kerala. Ind. J.of Small rum. 23(2)204-207
  • Syamala, K., Devada,K., Bindu,L., Raji,K., Thirupathy, V.R and Lucy Sabu (2021). Impact of climatic variables on the epidemiology of strongylosis in goats of Kerala. J. Indian Vet. Assoc. 19(1): 75-81

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